Thursday, November 19, 2015

In the Stillness: Hearing God's Voice

Fall has arrived, and my heart is full of gratitude. This is the season to be thankful, no? I love those moments when we get to take a ‘timeout,’ sit in front of the fire, maybe watch a little Hallmark Christmas movie.

Photo bomb compliments of Rizzoli! :)

I had the opportunity to rest on Sunday (which seems appropriate since we’re to honor the Sabbath once during our week), and I was thankful for the time to reflect. We have been going and going with something almost every night of the week for a while, and finally, we had a night at home!

Across from me on the couch, I found myself staring at a recent gift Tomi gave me:

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed. 


I have found more peace in 2015 than I’ve had in recent years—and not because of any major life event, not because I’ve experienced any specific changes. I’m still married to the same incredible man. I have the same amazing job. I teach the same remarkable classes. My routine is untouched for the most part. 

But I’ve experienced God’s nearness this year—His presence and His overwhelming love—in a way I can’t fully express. God is always good, always faithful, but this year, He has been so near, so tangible. And He has changed my heart in more ways than I can measure. 

Early in the year, I spent 40 days in intimate prayer with Him, recording His words to me every day. Those days were powerful, and I learned to recognize and be confident in hearing God’s voice. Even after the 40 days were over, I loved to hear His words to me—His personal words—every day. I am for you. I love you. I want to carry all your burdens. 

This fall semester has been crazy busy—more so than any I can remember. I can’t put a finger on it; I don’t know exactly what the difference is. But if I’m not careful to stop, to listen—I’ll miss His words to me. I’ll miss the gifts He gives me every day. 

Sometimes in our busyness it’s easy to overlook God speaking to us, and instead, our own thoughts crowd our head. 

I have too much to do.

I don’t have enough time.

I didn’t finish that today—and I really needed to.

I shouldn’t have …

I can’t…

I won’t….

On Sunday, our pastor read an excerpt from a book titled The Soul of Money. The writer notes that we wake up every morning thinking of how we didn’t get enough sleep, we have too much to do—we wake up feeling behind. Then we go to bed thinking of all that we haven’t done or didn’t accomplish in that day—we go to bed feeling unworthy, inadequate. 

This, my friends, is no place to live. 

Before we know it, we are operating from a mindset of lack instead of a mindset that says He is enough, and we are enough, and we can do everything through Him. Grace, my friends. Grace is God’s ability, God’s power in us. 

There’s grace for you today. Breathe in. Close your eyes. Stop for five minutes. Turn off your phone. Ask the Holy Spirit to come in power, to fill you fully.

He will.  He always will.

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