Thursday, May 19, 2016

Part 3: Giving Thanks for the People in My Life

And I want God’s peace to rule in my heart.

And I want to be thankful.

I recently attended two funerals within three days. Both men were incredible leaders and mentors, and as I listened to the testimonies at their funerals, I sat amazed at the legacies they left.

They influenced people because they poured themselves into the lives of others.

Coach Warwick was my golf coach in high school, and he had an incredible gift of prophecy—the kind that called forth the truth in someone; he saw what could be, not what was.

A young man shared a story at the funeral that Coach had prophesied over him the first day he walked into the classroom.

I smiled through my tears. He did the same thing for this fourteen year old—before he was my coach, before he even knew my name. He pierced my heart and pulled out the true me that was hidden in there.

What an amazing gift and influence!

I meet close to a hundred new students as they enter my classroom each semester, and I want to have that kind of influence and encouragement for them. I want to hear God, to see each heart as He sees it, not as it appears on the outside.

Both of these men left an inspiring legacy, but they both died unexpectedly (and too soon in my opinion!). They left wives and children and young grandchildren.

I kept thinking of my own parents who are close to the same age, and not only did I find myself begging God not to take them away any time soon, but also I reminded myself to give thanks.

We are not promised tomorrow. And we are not promised that our loves ones—our spouses, our children, our parents and siblings and grandparents—will be here tomorrow either.

I have been blessed with an amazing husband, with an extraordinary family, including awesome parents and siblings, and with great friendship.

The work, the stress, the ‘to do’ lists, even the bills—that’ll all fade in and out.

But relationships are forever.

They’re worth sowing into.

And they are the greatest source of my gratitude because the best gifts God ever gave me are the people He placed in my life.

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