Thursday, May 26, 2016

Part 4: Giving Thanks for Canyon's Birthday

This month I’ve been blogging on Thursdays about gratitude. (If you’re catching up, read here and here and here). I’m loving how the intentional emphasis on gratitude changes my perspective every day.

Tomorrow is my nephew’s second birthday, and I feel it’s only fitting to end the month giving thanks for him! (I know, I know—I gave thanks for the people in my life last week, but he gets his own spot. ;))

Becoming Aunt Lala has been a joy and a blessing. Even when other kids come into the mix—mine or Michalea’s or Clinton’s—I don’t doubt Canyon will have his own special place, reserved only for him.

First picture - May 27, 2014

So, to the little guy who is second only to my husband—I wrote a poem in honor of his birthday:

Once upon a time, a sweet baby was born.
With joy, his whole family welcomed him into this world.
For his life, we praised the Lord.
And his place in Aunt Lala’s heart soared.
To help his mommy was Lala's great pleasure,
And Wednesdays became Dancie and Lala’s treasure.
Week by week, they held their breath—
From sleeping
And rolling
And crawling
To walking
And talking—
They marveled at his progress.
Gifted with music, he can sing any song.
Outside is his favorite; he could stay all day long.
A heart full of laughter and hugs to share.
A blessing to love, they can’t help to stare.
Although he is two and every day growing,
His Aunt Lala will never stop sowing.
For all his days, he will have his own space;
In Aunt Lala’s heart, he can’t be replaced.
Happy Birthday, Canyon, sweet boy of power.
You will become a mighty man of valor.
Know that your family loves you deeply.
We will always be here for you faithfully.
Love, Aunt Lala

I love you, Canyon! And I’m forever thankful for your birth! 

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