Monday, October 26, 2015

Thinking Positively about Your Spouse

How you think about your spouse affects your marriage. [Tweet this.]

So when you think of your spouse, do you think of your last fight or the last great conversation?

When you think of your marriage, do you think of how bad it is or of all the great times you and your spouse have had together? Many couples think their way out of marriage. I’m not saying you should brush over arguments or ignore issues, but those arguments and issues are not your whole marriage.

I hear people around me all the time complaining about their spouse or making light of how unhappy their marriage is. Sadly, our society has allowed this to become an accepted practice. The thing is, they are making a choice to think of their marriage this way. I know every one of these people loves their spouse somewhere deep down in there, and yet they choose to think of them in a negative light, and worse, they voice those thoughts, which further reinforces them. In doing so, they also betray the trust of their marriage to others.

As people, we make thousands of choices every day, whether it’s rushing through a yellow light or eating that last potato chip. Every choice you make has a consequence later. That yellow light might turn red right in front of a police officer, or that potato chip may clog your arteries. Our thoughts have consequences, too. When you choose to dwell on the bad parts of your marriage, you may make them bigger than they actually are. That nagging habit that your spouse continues to do is a much bigger deal when you think about it all the time and talk to your friends about it.

I encourage you to think about the great times you’ve had with your spouse. Think about the things that you love about your spouse. I know there has to be many for you to have fallen in love. Remember that they love you and give them the best shot at being loved. When you choose to talk about how great your spouse is, you might just start believing it yourself.


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