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Recommended Reading: With No Reservations by Laurie Tomlinson

One of my writing friends, Laurie Tomlinson, recently released her debut novel With No Reservations. To celebrate the book, I've asked Laurie a few questions for the blog:

1. What message do you hope your readers receive with With No Reservations?

I hope readers see that, even when they feel stuck, their circumstances can change when they least expect it in the most unpredictable ways. Also, that the life God intended for us is more than just bare-minimum existence.

2. Have you always wanted to be an author? What other career did you imagine having (if anything)?
Yes! I’ve always wanted to be an author but didn't imagine I would be until I was almost 30! In high school, I was a nerd who loved genetics and went to conferences about DNA and chromosomes. But I also secretly wanted to be an opera singer. With some direction from the real grown-ups, I went to school for literature instead and ended up being a full-time book publicist/office manager for seven years out of college.

3. If you could be any of your characters in With No Reservations, who would you be? Why?

Oh, man. That’s hard! I’d say Sloane because she has an awesome job, but I wouldn’t want to go through what she’s been through :) How about her older neighbor, Mrs. Melone? She is fabulous and wise and gets to play Bunco and do yoga all day!

4. What authors/books have inspired you?

Some of my must-read authors are Katie Ganshert, Carla Laureano, Becky Wade, Nicole Deese, and Kara Isaac. Kara is probably my biggest inspiration because she’s my critique partner and first reader on all of my books!

5. What's your writing process like? What motivates you and keeps you on schedule?

In this season of life, I have to plan carefully and steal writing moments when I can. When I’m in the thick of writing/editing my own stories, I typically take on fewer work projects and vice versa. Waking up before my children helps me be consistent and productive, even though I’m not a morning person at all. And exercising before I write helps with the inspiration, as does writing down the scene I’m going to work on next time so I can pick up again quickly.

6. How do you re-fuel? What do you do when you're not writing?

If I’m not writing, I enjoy cooking, baking, entertaining, and going on adventures with my family. I refuel through good books and music, time with the Lord, meaningful conversations, rest, and fresh air. Netflix may or may not be involved.

7. What advice do you have for novice writers?

Own that you are a real writer and treat it like you’d treat a regular job. If you show up for work, your diligence will pay off! But it’s also good to take breaks and refuel to stay healthy :)

8. Who is the hero or heroine in your own life?
Definitely my husband. He’s hard-working, handsome, and without his encouragement and the space he gives my dreams, I would still be a publicist on the other side of the industry who would love to write a book someday.


Isn't Laurie great? I promise you'll love her book too. If you'd like to see my review, click here.

With No Reservations by Laurie Tomlinson
With No ReservationsThere can be more than comfort in food… 
What could well-known and wealthy Graham Cooper Jr. have in common with a blogger like Sloane Bradley, a woman with secrets she's kept firmly out of the public eye? That is, besides a love of food. Sloane still can't believe Cooper's the chef at the restaurant she's been assigned to promote. But she's boiling to prove to him that her "little blog" can put his place on the map. She can also fall head over heels for the guy, who has secrets of his own, it turns out…except for one thing. She can't get past the post-traumatic stress disorder that keeps her walled up in her home studio.

Available on:

Laurie Tomlinson is an award-winning contemporary romance author and cheerleader for creatives. She believes that God’s love is unfailing, anything can be accomplished with a good to-do list, and that life should be celebrated with cupcakes and extra sprinkles. Her novella That’s When I Knew was featured in the Love at First Laugh collection, and her debut novel, With No Reservations, releases in May 2017 from Harlequin Heartwarming. You can connect with Laurie on her websiteFacebook page, and Instagram.

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