Monday, March 28, 2016

When Your Spouse Has a Dream

Let’s talk about supporting each other’s dreams. There are big dreams of new careers or kids, and there are smaller dreams of visiting a specific country or owning a record collection. I rarely hear someone give marriage advice without referencing this in one way or another. I even heard John Tesh talk about it on his radio show a couple of days ago. 

Given all this advice swarming around, you would think everybody would have this down, but this is a very common issue in marriage. If God put something on you or your spouse’s heart to pursue, it will take both of you to accomplish it.

First, let’s get to the root. Most often, this is a communication issue. Either you get married without being on the same page about what your goals in life are, or they change and the couple can’t adequately communicate their way to a solution. 

One way to bridge either divide is to write down each person’s goals and dreams on a sheet of paper and sit down and actually discuss them. Make a timeline for pursuing and achieving them. Obviously, this will have to be a flexible timeline because dreams don’t always come true on a schedule. It always amazes me how when Laura and I get everything clearly communicated, whether it be our weekly to-do list or a major life change, we can be very effective at making it happen.

It also takes a loving heart to help see your spouse’s goals accomplished. This requires putting them before you. We’ve talked about this before, and it is a key to a great marriage. 

I’m a big Cleveland Browns fan and have been all of my life. I’ve never seen them play in person, but that dream has been on my bucket list. For my birthday this year, Laura is getting tickets, and we are going to go see them. Let me tell you, I know Laura’s desire to go to a football game in Cleveland, Ohio, is about as strong as her desire for cauliflower, but she did this for me because of her loving heart. What an amazing wife! 

On the flip side (as you know since you are reading this blog), Laura wants to become a published Christian fiction author. We believe God gave her this dream and her gift for writing to change lives. I will do everything in my power to see this vision become a reality.

What are you and your spouse’s dreams? What would you like to see, do, or accomplish? It may take time, but to maintain a great marriage, your spouse’s dreams must have a priority in your life. 


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