Tuesday, August 28, 2018

When the Words Won't Come

I've learned something new about myself this summer: when my mental capacity is full (i.e. I'm stressed), my creativity is completely stifled.

I don't suppose this is earth-shattering to most of you. It seems logical, right?

But what's a girl to do when she can't write?

I thought writing might work like this:

But the reality looks a little more like this:

And this:

The truth is, sometimes I just have to write--whether it feels particularly creative or masterful or whatever. There's a certain necessity to just get words on the page.

The other side of that, though, is to stop and reflect on whether I'm writing with God or just striving with my own effort to get this new book written. (A great reminder I recently ran across while reviewing my notes from the 2016 "Write in the Springs" session with Allen Arnold. Wow--what a weekend!)

Too often, if I feel like the words won't come, it has more to do with the state of my heart, my connection to my Creator, than the state of my mind.

And when I get connected to my Creator, who gives me all the inspiration I'll ever need, I realize something else too.

These things that occupy my mind and have me stressed out--yeah, those. Did God put them on my plate or did I? What can I say 'no' to? What have I prioritized--and is that in line with my life's purpose and calling?

Most likely it means some things may have to go. And what stays must be surrendered to Him.

Then my mind is free, my words ready, my page eager and fresh.

How about you, friends? Do you write well under stress? Or does it paralyze you? What wisdom might you share with me? 

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