Monday, February 19, 2018

Five Ways to Connect

Okay, married folks. Last week was Valentine’s Day. Did you enjoy it? Survive it? Fight about it?

I know most people think it’s a silly holiday created by creating card companies and the restaurant industry to make women feel insecure about their love relationships, but you know what?

I happen to love February 14—and not so I can set up big expectations of grand gestures. But why not take advantage of a designated day to show your love for someone? Why not take advantage of every day? 

Redeeming the time. That’s what Ephesians 5:15-16 says. How can we make the most of each day? More importantly, how can we make the most out of every relationship? Every day is a gift, and I get to walk through life with the greatest gift God gave me - my husband. 

Howell is the most incredible husband to me. Our marriage is a rare gift, and I know God has shown us favor, despite our imperfections. Few husbands load the dishwasher and remember to unload it a few hours later. Few husbands never grumble about taking out the trash, putting up the laundry, or going to the grocery store. And few husbands are both as strong and as tender as Howell is. 

He really is amazing, and our love really is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of loves.

Whether you had a good Valentine’s Day or not, I want to encourage you to redeem the time you have with your spouse. Not sure how?

Here are FIVE meaningful ways you can connect this week: 

1. Write a note or a letter. Whether you consider yourself a writer, whether you think you can be sentimental or romantic—it doesn’t matter. If you can’t think of anything to say, start with “I love you because…” or “I love when…” 

2. Make a special dinner. Dinner is especially special when you’re not the one who usually cooks. You don’t have to go out for a fancy meal to switch things up a little. Fire up the grill. Look up a recipe online. And if all else fails—get take out. 

3. Do something out of the ordinary. If you never make the bed, if you never do the dishes—go out of your way to be intentional in serving your loved one. It could be as simple as breakfast in bed—or coffee on the nightstand when he or she wakes up. 

4. Give a long kiss or hug. Don’t be too rushed to give a hello or goodbye kiss. Affection is free and priceless. 

5. Buy a meaningful gift. Not everyone’s love language is gifts, so spending the “big bucks” on a gift may not even minister to your loved one’s heart. But if you’re loved one is a gifts person, then buy him or her a gift that means something.

Maybe Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday, but you can take advantage of this season to love the one you're with. Value your time together. Connect to the other person’s love language. Be grateful for the moments you have.

What can you do this week to redeem the time you share with your loved ones? 

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