Thursday, March 29, 2012

From 4Runner to 4Runner

Yes, I'm about to be one of those silly people who writes a blog post about her new car. :) But this is a sentimental moment for me, and I'm not always a sentimental person!

Eight years ago TODAY, at the ripe 'ole age of 17, I bought my first car (and paid cash!): a '99 black 4Runner Limited. Even then, having the funding to buy the car was by the grace of God. I remember the end of my senior year approaching, and I had been saving since I was 15...and I did not think it was going to come together. But it did.

This picture is from my senior year. I won't say how long it took me to find the scrapbook it was in, but it was worth the "hunt."

Yesterday, God blessed me with a new-to-me 2011 4Runner. We've been praying and saving for a year, and God provided the best deal. He literally answered our prayer down to the penny! He is so good!

I love this picture. Saying bye to great memories  and seeing in my future new memories to come. Yes, this is just a car, but it's also a new beginning, a new season for us. ...And, yes, I might be one of those people who buys a black 4Runner for the rest of her life, but I am a happy, happy woman!


Anonymous said...

Your blog truly encouraged me today!! keep dreaming;)!! The God i serve is One of details! Praise Him for answering prayers:)!! Your new car is beautiful!!

CSL said...

I love how you bless God for the little things in life!