Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow & Other Updates

It snowed today, so I can't begin this post without a few pictures/videos. :)

Riley and Charlie had a blast playing in it. I got a little cold, though. We might try again later. :)

In other news...I've decided to write a book. If you don't know me very well, that probably sounds lofty--and crazy. But, all my life, I've wanted to write fiction. And when I was in high school, shortly after I was saved, I felt strongly called to write--fiction included. I've done a lot of writing in my lifetime, but beyond a couple published short stories, I've not really followed through with my calling. I believe strongly that God has gifted me to write--and it's the only area in which I'm actually creative. For years, my family and friends (and now my husband) have been asking me when I was going to write a book. For me, not only was I afraid of the task, but I think I was intimidated by my young age. I always thought (and would say), "I will! Someday..." like writing a book has an age requirement to it--and I haven't reached that requirement yet.

But, as weird as it sounds, I watched Julie & Julia a couple weeks ago, and I was so inspired. I told Howell afterwards, "That makes me want to write." And he said--"You should!" I laughed it off and then tried to blow it off a few days later, but the Lord kept putting it on my heart. I need to write (He's already given me so many ideas that just float in my head), and I need a goal.

Yesterday I spent three hours at Starbucks with my journal. Not only did I spend time in prayer about what to write, but I wrote down every idea for a book I'd ever had--in detail. And I gave myself a goal-- six months. It doesn't have to be perfect by June 23, but if I'll at least get a first draft completed in six months, then I have something to work with.

So, that's my goal--and my news. I really feel like it's time that I step out in faith and do this. If you know me well, you know this won't be an easy task. I'm my worst critic--and the last to discipline myself to follow through with my writing. May it be six months of God's favor and blessing. May it be six months of His teaching and learning. May it be six months of discipline and perseverance. And though I may feel tested and weary, I believe He will be faithful to see me through.

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Anonymous said...

Yipeeee! i am praying for you beautiful! Can harldy wait to begin reading your first book!